Sharpshooter Construction

About Us

Learn more about Pride Home Improvements and why we are the right choice for you.

Our Core Values

Operating with character allows us to connect authentically, be truthful in all things, embrace and deal with negativity properly, achieve desired results and growth, and allow us to transcend any issues we face.

We are devoted to everyone we choose to do business with. We work to provide win-all relationships with every customer we come across

We believe in empowering people by acting with sincerity, clear communication, being decisive, and displaying competence in all things.

We make decisions knowing they affect more than just ourselves. Our partners do not have to watch out for their own best interests because that is what we will do.

We will transcend traditional ideas, relationships, rules, and patterns to create new and beneficial ways for everyone to win.

Who Are We?

Owen Brown

Owen has many years of being in the construction, real estate, and finance industry. Beginning his career as a trades professional he became intimately familiar with construction and how to run builds from start to finish. Over his tenure, Owen has completed more than 50 builds. As Owen gained experience in the industry he moved on to founding and running several different companies, some of which were involved in real estate investing, construction, and financing through a mortgage brokerage. Owen not only runs a construction and real estate investing company, he also is an active investor in businesses and consults with individuals to help them grow their business or real estate portfolios. When Owen is not working you can find him on the trails walking his dog and recording content for his Facebook group – Real Estate Investors Canada.

Kasey Luft

Kasey has been in Technology and Project Management for several years now. He is trained as a data engineer and technology expert. A few years ago Kasey decided to drop the shackles of the 9-5 work day and start his own consulting company to help businesses better understand their data. Since then, he has helped countless companies understand their analytics and data to help drive marketing, operations, and engineering teams forward. When Kasey isn’t glued to his monitors you can find him out on the trails with his dog and never far from a lake.